Hilary Term 2014

January 20, 2014

Welcome to a new year and a term again packed with early modern events.There are seminars on early modern English, French, German and Italian literature, history and music, with many other events in related disciplines, including a seminar on ‘The reception of Josephus in the early modern period’. Professor David Wootton, Professor of History, York, will deliver the Carlyle Lectures on ‘Power and Pleasure, 1513-1776’. Over the vacation (31 March-2 April) there will be a conference in honour of Ian Maclean: ‘Transforming the Republic of Letters: Literature, Learning, Logic, Books’. Of interest to many will be the new interdisciplinary programme on Comparative Criticism: http://oxfordcomparativeliterature.com/2014/01/19/this-terms-programme/


This seminar, organized by Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies, will assemble experts from many different disciplines to survey the reception of this important scholar and historian throughout Europe. It will be held on Wednesdays (exept week 2, Monday), 2.30-4pm, in Exeter College.

The speakers will be:

Nigel Wilson (Lincoln College, Oxford), Professor Walter Stephens (Johns Hopkins University), Dr Meir Ben Shahar (Hebrew  Univ. of Jerusalem), Dr Joanna Weinberg (Oriental Institute, Oxford), Professor Tessa Rajak (Somerville College, Oxford), Scott Mandelbrote (Cambridge), Dr Theodor Dunkelgrun (Cambridge), Dr Jan Machielsen (New College, Oxford), Dr Joshua Teplitsky (St Peter’s College, Oxford), and Dr Philipp Nothaft (The Warburg Institute).

Details will be posted on the CEMS website.