Exhibitions not to miss

September 30, 2010

Please note upcoming closings of exhibitions you should be sure to catch:

1. ‘“My wit was always working’: John Aubrey and the Development of Experimental Science’, Exhibition Room, Bodleian Library, to 31 October: note the accompanying book published by the Bodleian Library.

2. ‘Armed with the King’s Letter’: John Leland and the Monastic Libraries of England’, Bodleian Library Proscholium, Bodleian Library, to 6 October, marking James P. Carley’s edition of Leland’s  De Uiris Illustribus / On Famous Men (Bodleian Library).

3. ‘The Secret Life of the Museum’, Museum of the History of Science, to 14 November.

Milton and the Media

September 30, 2010

The Independent's picture implies a claim not ventured by the researchers

Early modern studies can demonstrate public impact even through negative results. There has recently been worldwide interest in the attribution of a bawdy poem to John Milton in a miscellany of 1708. This had caught the attention of Jennifer Batt, a researcher for a new Oxford project, the Digital Miscellanies Index. Abigail Williams, the Principal Investigator, was interviewed on US National Public Radio, and coverage extended to the ‘Hot Kashmir’ blog.  Beyond the teasing idea of the libertine beneath the Puritan, such attributions tell us a lot about ideas of authorship in the shifting worlds of manuscript and print miscellanies. For those who wish to learn more about the project, there will be a presentation on the Index in the CEMS Works in Progress series on Digital Research in the Humanities. Also taking part will be  James Brown (Cultures of Knowledge)  and Robert McNamee (Electronic Enlightenment). Please also note the e-Enlightenment Colloquium on the Sociology of the Letter, 13 November. All these events and more can be followed in detail on the CEMS website.